Angel Protected
Angel Protected: To every Planet there is a Guardian and to every Guardian there is a Protector. Seventeen-year old Tiara Earthiea is going to be Earths newest Guardian. She may be younger than most Guardians but the rule must be passed down. With her older sister refusing to take the rule young Tiara must be Guardian and with the everlasting protection of her Protector Elgor, a winged humanoid alien from a distant planet, and the guidance of her older sister Rika; Tiara faces the world she was born in although not being so ready to take a very important step of a lifetime. Author T.M Hands brings you a story of romance, action, fantasy, and Sci-Fi. In a world where the Universe is an open plane and love can come from planets light-years away. Rated T for teen Updates 2 time a month. New Chapters starts February 1st