Angela & Spawn
Heaven & Hell can wait.

Spawn and Angela! the power couple from the 90's :D

I haven't drawn spawn in like 15 years, and for all the love I have towards Angela, this is my first time illustrating her. I thought with what i had remembered of illustrating Spawn, that he was going to be long hard (fun) work! 

But turns out Angela and all her ribboned glory was where it was at! Not to mention her costume design from back then was ever changing(sometimes from panel to panel) So I just went with the more obvious stuff, and mixed and matched a little. Her helmet is from her "Marvel" design.

As for spawn, I went with the Greg Capullo design. It was always my favorite. I mean, extra crazy cape, long chains, and all the oversized gauntlets/spikes where flippin cool! Fun fact : The White M on his chest stands for his devil creator Malbolgia. 

I loved how in Spawn, the concepts of good and evil where so twisted, where Heavens methods where no different then that of Hells. And to have the main character sacrificing his everything for the woman he loves is a classic idea retold in a great manner. I find it funny how most people tend to forget that Spawn(Al Simmons) is also a black man. With the film industry looking for more diverse super heroes, I'm crossing my fingers they make a NEW Spawn film. 

This Illustration will be part of my June 1st Package(along with Angela NSFW for tier 2 and up)! Thanks so much for all your support!

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