Angelbox Issue 1 [download attachment]

Hey everyone! So, last year, around this time, shit kind of sucked for me. I had a nervous breakdown due to harassment, and I ended up incinerating my Discord server as a result of being scared for everyone in it. Then I disappeared, going into isolation for several weeks as I tried to untangle what the hell had happened, and tried to figure out what on earth people were upset at me over. It was hell.

Anyway, this time, I organized a zine in the (new) Discord server, and we all worked on pieces about our fears, anxieties, bad feelings, and everything else that makes us feel alone and isolated. It's going to be a recurring thing so we can band together and have a place to express ourselves and vent. If you're a part of this patreon and want to be on the server, please send me a message! I don't have the rewards set up properly, so you'll have to boop me about it (or reply here). 

Anyway! I hope you enjoy! Or... whatever you do with bad feelings. I'd like to aim for the next one to be out by early June.

NOTICE: There is artistic nudity in the zip, but it's not pornographic - it's body horror. Please be warned!

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