Angels with Scaly Wings - Series of Pinups???
You guys. I just completed this game, all the way to the true ending. And I have SO MANY FEELINGS.

The dragons are all so unique, their own sweet stories, flaws, and personalities. And I'm stunned to find there...isn't that much great artistic love for them!!

Because of this, I REALLY want to create pinups for, well, EVERY single dragon! So far, I can only do one pinup a month, which is a bummer, cuz I totally wana do more!! :D

How do you all feel? Is that okay with you guys? I guna work hard to try and drum up some more patreon support so I have enough to do two a month, that way I can do the tartii sweater AND a cute dragon pinup! Of course, with a vote of who I should do first. ;D

Do let me know!!!