"The Story So Far..."

Angora Napkin started out as an idea for an animated series back in 1997. Co-Creator Nick Cross an myself were pretty new in the animation industry and we had big ideas for these gals.

Over the years we  produced an animated pilot for Teletoon (Canada) and created two Eisner nominated graphic novels published by IDW. 

I began this web comic back in 2012 with the hope that a serialized comic would slowly gather a large enough audience to fully sustain itself. With eveything else we had sunk into the project, I felt that it was only a matter of time before the comic caught fire. 

20 years later... I'm nothing if not slow to catch on.

So here's the scoop - Angora Napkin will now be available via Patreon Only with new strips updating randomly until the book is complete. After that, I'm going to put my efforts into other projects such as the long stalled Allusion of Life graphic novel.

I'm happy that Angora Napkin developed a niche cult following and I really appreciate everyone who's been along for the ride. I really love these characters - writing and drawing their adventures has an absolute riot. You should see the outline Nick and I did for The Lurking Moist storyline! It would have been a blast to draw. Ah well, you can't say I didn't give it my all!

Far from a eulogy, I've got a year or two left to go on this web comic before it's ready to be collected so you've not seen the last of Angora Napkin for a long while yet! is now offline, but I'm offering every Patreon supporter a PDF of the first 100 strips as well as a high quality downlaod of the animated pilot! These perks will be online shortly as thanks to my current patrons and a welcome gift to newcomers! 

So thank you and bear with me while I chug along on other cool projects and I'll be dropping new Angora Napkin strips here starting next week!

Thank you everyone!!