Angry Birds Evolution Red Power Row Weak Spot MPDC Gameplay Unofficial Storyline
Find out how the friends of Red heal a lovelorn Red.

Check out the two evolutions of Red both in action at a game of MPDC.

Giveaways galore after 1k subs, don’t miss the fun, the chance of winning a Rovio plush.



344 subs within 3 days to save El Gigante (Failed)

354 subs to resume the transmission of birds’ channel (Passed)

372 subs Dalton releases from Prison (Passed)

344 End Of Murphy (invalid)

345~352 Murphy remains in custody (invalid)

353 Murphy Escapes (Passed)

353 Murphy Caught/Killed (invalid)

360 Murphy Escaped Indefinitely (Passed)

363 Revival Of Fire Rooster (Passed)

375 Superbird Red Recovered From Fake Injury (Passed)

382 Purchase a ticket to access vantage point (Passed)

386 Good News from Mighty 🦅 Eagle (Unfolding)

392 When Steve II meets the Mighty Eagle (passed)

--- Fringy is required to beat 10 waves of MPDC  (Passed)

403  The cost of Dr Dolores’ house visit (Passed)

400 subs Introduction Of Byron vid release (released)

412 subs Claude expressing his love to Annie vid release (released)

1000 subs and beyond (Giveaway at every 100 new subs milestone)

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