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Hey, guys!  I know this isn't the Art Nouveau lady you were expecting, but after Lady of March, I decided to give myself a fun diversion with the art you see here!  I'm still working on Lady of April, but I will be posting her next month instead of this month.  Sometimes artists need a little break to stay creative and fresh, especially when working on a long intense series like the Ladies!

In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this cover art I created for a fanfiction I wrote!  If you didn't know this about me, I'm a huge nerd and my  nerdy adventures in tabletop roleplaying have been inspiring me a lot lately!  Kalara, here, is the gunslinging BAMF I play in our Exalted game, a setting about mortals who are chosen by the god of the sun to guard Creation.

If that sounds interesting to you, check out the fanfic I wrote for this character's backstory.  It's been a great month for stretching my writing legs, as well!

I hope you all enjoy this artistic diversion as much as I have!  Stay tuned for Lady of April coming NEXT month.

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WIP: Animated GIF 

A Sketch Diary, Wallpaper, and Process Vid will be coming soon for my Digital Collector and Premier Patron tiers!  

I wasn't able to take live video while I painted, but I did take plenty of screenshots of each milestone of the painting.  It was quite a challenge experimenting with a style I don't do often and I'm excited to share what I learned!

Till next time.  Wishing you all inspiration!

- Angela S.