"Animal Affinity"
This is another series I made for uni, and it's the one that took the most time and effort. The subject was called "Line and Mark: Past and Futures", but other than that, I had complete freedom to create a self-directed project. Originally, I was planning to do some "expressive" painting about my relationship with my dogs, but after experimenting with different styles, I realised that wildly waving around a paintbrush just didn't express anything for me. There are actually two main ways I prefer to express myself: 1) through my writing, and 2) through my voice, usually singing. So I decided to find a way to use these two elements in a graphical way.

It's a little hard to see what I've done on a computer screen, but these are the results:




What I've done, is to first write a story for each picture, either about how I met Hope and Marley, or how I feel about my relationship with animals vs my relationship with humans. Next, I recorded myself reading out the stories - not singing, just talking, I guess a bit like how I used to video blog, which is another way I've used my voice to express myself. I then took screenshots of the waveforms that appeared in my audio software, cleaned them up, and stitched them together, before putting the words inside them at the corresponding positions. After that, I put the photos in, but changed the colours so that the background was black and white, the text was the normal colour, and the sound waves were the inverse colour. A few more effects to make things stand out, and done! But holy crap did I underestimate how time consuming it'd be. Warping the words to fit the sound waves was a nightmare. In the last two weeks before the due date, I was working 12h days and ended up really sick. Whoops! So I won't be doing this again any time soon.

Here's a close up so you can see what's actually happening:

I also have my A1 prints, printed large is the best way to see this artwork, due to the detail. I may sell them though, I don't have space to hang them at home (let me know if you are interested in buying, **patrons get priority**). One day, I also think I'd like to print a second edition at A0 and have them mounted, since I have files that are big enough for that size, but I can't afford to do that any time soon.

For my patrons:

I'm thinking about what to put in this month's downloads for you, and there are a few things from this artwork that I'm considering adding in. Let me know which ones you are interested in, or if there is something else from it that you would like ☺

  • Hi-res files printable at A4 or larger
  • Text files of the stories, since they are hard to read from the images
  • The full blog I wrote for this project, describing my complete process (if I can find a good way to download it all from my uni page)

Thanks for checking out my art! Please let me know what you think :)

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