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Animals with SUPER Boring Diets
I was thinking about what my food pyramid would look like. I think the base would be pizza, and there would be a whole section dedicated to hot sauce. And then I started wondering what other animals food guide pyramids would look like. But since the ol' food pyramid is considered antiquated these days, I instead opted for a "typical meal" view. 

These animals eat pretttty much the same thing every day. The exceptions are that anteaters eat ants AND termites, but come on, those must taste exactly the same. And pandas every now and then eat a small rodent or bird... which seems odd to me. My guess is that after spending almost every waking our gnawing on bamboo they thirst for blood and flesh out of frustration. 

This comic also represents my new forward-thinking approach to drawing. This is a 16x20" canvas so this could be a poster if I wanted to make it one. I also did the whole thing in Illustrator and Photoshop, which means that it doesn't have my usual hand-drawn Beatrice look, but it's fun sometimes to mix it up and do it all on my computer.

I have more comics and illustrations in the works too. Thanks for bearing with me!