Animated short Blind Shell is finished!
I would by honoured to announce that my major longterm project, animated short Blind Shell, is ready! It was a long journey from the initial sketches to the final audiovisual artwork. One difficulty after another showed up during the creation process, but there were many funny moments too. The story is about a snail loosing his home beacuse of wood monoculture farming. It would like to find some peace, but there's no peace at all. A voice in the background describes the snail's feelings, which represent the feelings of the planet Earth too.

By lucky chance an opportunity to organize a premiere presented itself, so on 28th November the film will be screened in Vatra cinema in Vsetin, Czech Republic.

Tech stats:

duration:   4 minutes

software used the most:   blender

production time:   January to September 2017 (cca 9 months)

render time:   more than one month

date of the premiere:   28th November

date of the free internet release:   unknown

date of the release for all patrons:   25th December