Animated Switch!
Don't have much time to develop right now, my next free day off work is Sunday.  I managed to implement a switch with animation- it's using the Door functionality at the moment, i.e. when you get close to it, it will activate. This will of course be changed to the normal interaction-based functionality soon.

The animated switch makes a big difference- being able to show that the switch is moving makes it way more obvious that something's happening, as opposed to the previous 2 games where the switch was instantly flipped to the other side. This can make it easy to "miss" seeing it activate, and can lead to confusion on your first time trying one because it may not be apparent what it is.

Lot's more general small improvements to be made! I'm still using 9d1 graphics as placeholders right now, I can't wait to start swapping out the graphics to more unique ones for the new game!