Animating Can I Phone You
Here's some photos of when I was animating the Can I Phone You video. It all looks like a big mess because I moved everything around to make space for the lights.

The first bits I filmed were really flickery, and I think the main reason was because I was only using one light. I managed to get it to hardly flicker at all by the end. I learned a lot about that while I was making this video! If I'm animating something in my living room I'll wait til it's dark outside so the daylight doesn't get in and cause flickering.

The camera I'm using is a Nikon D3100 and I use iStopMotion software. I plug the camera into my laptop and put that on a side table and try and get into a comfortable position on the floor to do an evening of animating. For some of the bits of Can I Phone You  I couldn't get the laptop very close to the crochet character, so I'd be standing up to position the character, then walk back to the laptop, crouch down take the photo, then stand up again for the next frame. By the time I finished I probably did about 500 squats. And now I have thighs like solid concrete blocks.