Animating The Title For Soft Spot 4
Here's the video of me filming the animation with the separate models. (It's a pretty rubbish video sorry I filmed it out of the laptop which I was using).

It's sped up (of course!) but the real length of time it took me was about 20 minutes.

I filmed the action backwards so that I could start with the final position of the teddys which was the most important part really.

Filming animation this way with separate models is quicker than normal stop-motion because you just have to switch them out. The tricky bit is getting them to stand up, because these models aren't very sturdy! I put blu tack on the feet. In the closing animation where they're walking along the blu tack is really visible and I'm not delighted about that. The closing animation took a lot longer because there's no pauses in that animation.

If you watch this video and think to yourself "Philippa you are going to get a bad back working at a table that height and bending over the whole time" you're probably right! But don't worry, this isn't my set-up every single time I animate something.