Animation GIF : Strawberry
I tried making an animation GIF. I hope it works...!

Picked up this pic on pixivision (Pixiv) :

Featuring painting/drawing theme "Strawberry". There are many amazing pics on there! I'm so happy to add my art work (∩´∀`)∩❤ Thank you so much!!

Postcard and print are available now on my web store :

I drew this pic and added full size, high-res and original PSD to the reward I posted on May. 3rd 2016. I will add these again because, many new patrons started supporting me after that, thank you so much❤

My precious patrons will get

  • Full size
  • High-res
  • Edited postcard ver
  • Original PSD

of this pic on next reward I will post on Sep. 16th 2016 (。・ω・。)ノ

Thank you so much! Have a nice weekend!!

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