Animation Update!

Hello my patrons! As we move through our first week of April I  am proud to show the first bit of progress on the first shot for the upcoming update to the animation for ARMSmasters. It's short but I'm quite proud of where it is at courtesy of the motivation given to me by all of you. If it has a problem playing in the embed, follow the link above for another look and a download. I'm still exploring the various delivery options Patreon supports or doesn't support.

This shot leads into an epic clash between characters Riot and Caen. Right now the background is un colored but early compositing efforts are in place because I wanted to check the timing out and make sure the placement of the vfx elements was working. It's a short shot so it'll jump right into a cut on the action which I'll begin sharing assets for in a matter of days.

Let's get some more people on board. Share, share, share. Like, like, like and comment! Now that we are in April and in our first full month higher tier patrons can begin looking forward to high res art and program files for animating and one such individual can look ahead to a custom illustration of their choosing.  This patreon thing is new to me so I will be making additional tiers and reward adjustments to keep things fair and also exciting so stay tuned.