Animation Voting Guideline

Here I will outline the complete guide on how the voting system will work for my patrons.  

Every patron of mine will get a chance to vote on the next animation to be made! This is just an extra perk added on to the already included goods. 

  • $1 tier [Hunter Association] cannot vote;
  • $5 tier [Kurta Clan] Patrons also can vote once per poll;
  • Those in $10 tier [Phantom Troupe] get their vote counted twice;
  • $20 tier [Zoldyck Family] Patrons have two votes in the animation poll. They also can nominate one character to appear in animation poll;
  • $50 tier [Zodiacs] Patrons also have triple vote power, but they can nominate two characters for the animation poll;
  • $100 tier [Royal Guards] Patrons as well have triple votes in the animation poll;
  • $150 tier [王] can vote up to three times and can nominate two characters to the poll.

Every month I will release two separated polls (one for female character and one for male).

Here are a few rules for your character animation request. Please make sure to follow them, otherwise I will not accept the request:

  • It must be an anime style character. Japanese video games (Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, etc.) with similar art styles are acceptable as well;
  • Only characters from mass media (anime & video games) can be used in my work. I will not add your own characters into the poll; 
  • Only human or mostly-human characters (no furries, robots, aliens, etc.);
  • No shota or loli characters;
  • You can't ask for a specific situation, pose, describe the scenery or actions of my animation. Again, it's a character request, not full commission.

It needs to be minimum of 6 characters total in the poll, if it's any less I will add my own character choices to the poll along with yours. Voting starts on the last week of each month, and will last for 7 days. At the start of the month the winning animation gets made.

If you joined my Patreon after "submission week" have ended you still can leave your request. It will be transferred to the next month.

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