Animation WIP 170109
Something I learned about this past week: dependency cycles! (Spoiler: they're a bad thing.)

In the last WIP I talked about my project's conversion to Cycles, although I left one thing out: I'm still rendering the backgrounds in the internal engine. At this point I know *how* (mostly) to rebuild all the canyon set's shaders for Cycles, but I decided that it was too much work for this single project, considering it's already taking longer than I expected (don't they always?) This crappy box canyon is just too old (and full of billboards) to overhaul. Future sets I build will be more Cycles-compliant.

Also attached to this post is a sneak peak of another project I'm launching later this year. So far I've built a handful of character models, and it's currently in the script-writing phase. The midi is a rough version of a title song I intend to use that I spent two days hammering out in Anvil Studio. Y'all might recognize it as a remix of Freya's Theme  from Final Fantasy IX, albeit crappier and made of midi. That's what happens when you have no practice composing music, hah! I'll probably recruit some help with that, when I get the chance.

Love y'all~