Animations coming soon
Hello! I know I am not very active on this site, due to the fact I don't have major projects, no patrons, don't have anything huge in the works that I want to share (no one should pay to see spoilers and tell ppl imo) so I never do anything!

So, I decided to revive this account by announcing some of the animations I have in mind and may start soon!!

These animations range from: 

- Fan Animations

- Original Animations

- Tests

- Maybe even commissions if I get some!

As soon as I get my tablet pen working I plan on making more storyboards and more WIPs. AND THEN i may post them on Patreon!! 

I may delete this acc unless I finally decide to make some stuff! So... whatever comes first!

I plan on doing free WIPs then I may start making them like a dollar to see more animations!!

I hope you enjoy them (when they get made maybe) and continue to support my work!