Animatoon - News

Here are the informations about animatoon :

The current Version is 0.255.

The actual features :

- Open (doc, image (png, jpg, bmp)), save (doc, image (png, jpg), export (all layer in png/zip, selected layer).

- Brush engine : size, size width & height, pressure size, alpha, pressure alpha, random alpha, scatter, rotation, random rotation, color mixing (3 modes of mix), viscosity of the color, hardness of the brush, smooth, softness of the brush., pas (sapce between two dots), stroke.

- Tools : brush, eraser, move layer, scale layer.

- Canvas : pan, zoom.

- View : zoom (50,100,200,300,400,500%), reset view, center View.

- Layers : add, delete, change position (up, down), merge with bottom, merge all, duplicate, view, lock, lock alpha (keep transparency), name, miror (horizontal/vertical)

- Edit : cut, copy, paste, resize document, resize canvas.

The new features in this version :

- Layer : miror (horizontal/vertical)

- Open > new format : jpg, bmp (previous was only png).

- Save Image > new format : jpg, bmp (previous was only png)

- Bugs fixes