Animator: Keneisha Perry
Keneisha Perry has been doing almost all of the character animation for Lunatics! She's also responsible for much of the modeling and retopologizing, and all of the rigging of the characters she is animating.

She started working with us at Anansi Spaceworks during college (in 2013) as a way to help her get better with 3D character modeling, starting out with modeling the costume changes for the major characters and working up to creating additional characters, rigging, and animating over the last few years.

Her rigs, derived from the Rigify system in Blender (the free-software 3D suite we use for most of our animation work) but adding innovative new features, such as the skeletal face rig we are now using, which, along with the Blender Multicam technique and Papagayo NG tool chain, have made it possible to quickly animate complex character dialog and action scenes needed for our production.

Perry grew up expressing  herself artistically through doodling, reading, singing, writing songs, playing video games, and writing poetry, but she found she had a passion for 3D art.

Her ambition was made feasible through the help of an after school program called College Track, that  focused on making sure high school students could make it to, and  graduate from, college. After finishing high school in 2011, she graduated from California State University at Chico in four years with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation and Game Development.

In college, Perry was taught 3D modeling in Autodesk Maya (a popular, but expensive, proprietary 3D modeling software in the film industry). Anticipating the high cost of a professional license for the software, however, she started to learn Blender on her own.

She  juggled her class projects while also teaching  herself how to use Blender through many video tutorials and experimentation, and soon she was hooked. She developed a love of the Blender program and the unique features it offers. Her interest in Blender eventually led her to working on

Rather than focusing on getting employed in a large studio with a traditional work environment and pipeline, Perry's ambition has been to be her own boss through independent work from her own home. In addition to her work on the Lunatics! project with Anansi Spaceworks, she also maintains her own Patreon account under her Timid Clover alias.

Besides her 3D modeling and  animation work, Keneisha Perry enjoys digital sculpting, 3D printing, comics, poetry, and singing.