Anime Blues Con + Updates for July 2018

Hey gang! First of all we are pleased to say that Anime Blues Con 2018 was a superb event, the best one Lunar Blaze has had to date! We were blown away by the interest in our booth & the amount of sales we had, plus we were inundated by sketch commissions (something that's still new to me but Meg was knocking them out of the park!) which meant we never had a dull moment. While the convention did take quite a lot out of us, & we certainly were glad to be done on Sunday, we cannot wait until next year!

In the meantime our main priority for the next few days is re-activating our Lunar Blaze website, which we have sadly neglected, along with regenerating some of our less used pieces of social Media, Namely Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr. Our Facebook page can be found at & our Tumblr is over at & smaller updates can be found through the company twitter account at

So, as we have mentioned before, one of our Main projects for the second half of 2018 is the campaign setting for a Dark Fantasy RPG we are working on called Vorcel. The current idea is to have a setting that can be transplanted into any tabletop game, so rules & stat blocks will likely not be involved. However that may change as things develop depending on feedback, also we are currently scheduling the creation process of this product in a way so that we can have a version ready withing 3-4 months, and a much more meaty version of the same product for an end of year/2019 release if we decide to go all in with it. While this setting is based around the 1 city so far, this is drawing from notes & concepts we have been working on silently for a few years, & we have enough for an entire WORLD, let alone a continent or country. But we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves, The City of Khuz'Velgrim, or the Grimscar as we are likely calling it, will be a testing ground to see if there's any interest in our take on Dark Fantasy Low Magic setting for Tabletop games. 

Of course we also have the print release of Heirs to the Throne Volume 1 still to take care of. We had initially thought of having it ready for Anime Blues Con, but after much deliberation we agreed it would be a much wiser move to focus on smaller products like the Chibi stickers, due to our past experiences showing that our particular brand of comics wasn't quite what people were looking for there. However now that we are in the process of figuring out the prep for our next convention, we are working on getting our first print run of Volume 1 set up in the next few weeks or so. Once we have confirmed the print book meets with our standards, it will be available to buy from our online store. 

These are just two of the many things we are working on over the next 6 months, & we are excited to share their development & the creative process with you here! Your continued support and interest has made all of this possible & while we are nowhere near to being able to make this both of our full time jobs, that once unobtainable goal is now looking all the more reachable.

Thank you for your support & here is to the future of Lunar Blaze Studios!