AnimeOut Mega-Torrent Collections now Available
As our donators and supporters for over the months, our Patrons are getting early-access to our Mega-Torrents which are a total collection of all the Anime encoded by AnimeOut over the past 10 years.  

The torrents will soon be released on our website too for regular users.

The download links for the Mega-Torrents are given below and a complete list of which anime is on which server and in which Torrent collection is provided further below in this post too.

Leave your comments for any queries and feedback.
As always, Thank You for supporting us every month.


Torrent Files:

(SV1 Server):

(SV2 Server): 

 (Jibril Server): 

(Slaine Server): 

 (Yotsuba Server): 



Total Anime Shows: 1800~

Total Episodes: 30,000~

Total Torrent Size (of all 5 torrents): 2.88TB



1. All shows encoded by AnimeOut and most of them are 720p resolution and 100-150MB size. 

2. They are also called mini-mkv encodes and good for upto 32" monitors, specially meant for users with low internet speeds and bandwidth. 

3. The encodes are still better quality than watching online streams and easier to store in HDD due to lower size. 

4. Since this torrent was created from their DDL server(s) itself, it might include some files which are not anime (like japan learning PDF workbook left in the server by encoder or such but no virus or NSFW files). 

5. Furthermore, there might be some episodes missing or incomplete Anime as AnimeOut's entire collection (1800 shows, 30,000 episodes) are stored in 5 different servers and would be released by 5 separate torrents. So some episodes missing in this torrent would probably be in another torrent. 

6. Download a few episodes of the Anime you want to check its quality satisfies you. Do not trash talk about the encode or quality, it might be trash to you but its life saver for the thousands of users and fans who download these encodes due to poor bandwidth or to save HDD space.


List of Anime Shows in JIBRIL Mega-Torrent 

List of Anime Shows in SV2 Mega-Torrent 

 List of Anime Shows in SV1 Mega-Torrent  

 List of Anime Shows in SLAINE Mega-Torrent  

 List of Anime Shows in YOTSUBA Mega-Torrent  

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Disclaimer: This reward is only eligible for videos encoded by RapidBot

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3. If you want the message shown in episodes of any particular anime, let us know in advance. We do will notify you once we have added the message and released the episode.

4.  This reward is only eligible for videos encoded by RapidBot 

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