anita Anita Wing Lee: How To Get Paid To Travel And Fund All Of Your Dreams

Episode 82Anita Wing Lee is a transformational life coach, award-winning speaker, world traveler and spiritual mentor. Since 2011, she landed multiple, epic travel gigs that paid for her travels to 21 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa and now empowers other to get paid to travel and expand their horizons.  She is a prolific broadcaster on Periscope and founder of #GlobalMeditationScope, Periscope’s first and largest creative meditation movement. Learn more about her at

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Show notes:

  • Why Anita is heading to Greece this month
  • How her first experience in the corporate world assured her that it wasn’t the right path for her
  • Breaking free from expectations of joining the corporate world and creating your own business
  • What it actually looks like to get paid to travel
  • The importance of telling people that you want to travel
  • How she balances seeing the world with her own traveling website as well as working in other countries
  • Travel hacking
  • Taking a risk and traveling even when you’re not 100% confident around your bank account
  • Becoming more attached to experiences instead of things
  • Dying To Be Me– Anita Moorjani

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