Anneka Innosence
While I feel she is in need of a more comprehensive design reference, this piece helps to highlight how similar yet different she is to Innosence Autuma.

In the grand scheme of things, she represents a take on Innosence Autuma is she had a more regular upbringing in a strong military enviroment: A true patriot to the Zalitos Empire.


Name - Anneka Innosence
Age - 24
Sex - Female
Nickname - Death Walker
Birthdate - ???
Power Type - Mechanical Implants
Combat Preference - Close-Range(Stealth)
Weapon Skills - Reaper's Scythe
Signature Skills - Manifestation of Dark Spirit Flames, Fast/Efficient Kills,  Somehow Not Terrifying Sabirna Innocuous 



Secret Forces Agent Anneka Innosence is one of the greatest  hidden prides of her nation's military. When she had joined she had  voluntarily undergone a procedures to augment herself with special  abilities to become one of the nation's greatest agents. Word of her  existence has never been revealed to the enemies of the Zalitos Empire,  but her handiwork surely has been discovered.  After receiving her first  serious wound in battle, the higher-ups got worried of her performance  and at the possibility of her getting captured and the technology that  gives her the abilities she has being discovered and copied. So while  re-evaluating her worth, they assigned her to take on a pupil that  originally was not intended to become a combatant and train her to  become a soldier. Her pupil's name is Sabrina Innocuous.

As  the time went on, Sabrina and Innosence managed to bond despite their  different personalities. Two years after being benched, both Innosence  and her pupil are assigned to go on a mission together. What will the  future have in store for these two individuals? 

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