Annie Jump Cannon - astronomer
Over the course of her career, she analyzed more stars than any other astronomer -- nearly 500,000 in all. To aid in classifying stars and cataloging the stars she and others were analyzing, she worked with two astronomers with radically different systems to find a compromise that included the best of both, thus creating a new, comprehensive classification system that was quickly adopted by astronomers around the globe. In addition to reading each star's unique spectra, she also calculated its position.

What I love most about her story is that it was the attention and encouragement she got from her mother that led her to pursue a career in astronomy. So many of the amazing women in history have a similar story of a childhood spent following their interests with the unwavering support of a loving parent. It just proves to me again how integral it is for young people facing immense challenges to feel as though the closest people in their lives are backing them up. That unconditional confidence become the foundation for everything they do later in life.