This is a post I've been meaning to make for a while, concerning the future and, in part, how I hope to continue engaging with Patreon.

After my current show closes (obligatory plug: Two Nights Only! Runaways Lab: Dead Youth, or, The Leaks), I'm going to set aside theatre and focus as much of my artistic attention as possible on music. This has been a tough decision to make - especially since, after [Trans]formation, audition offers have been actively rolling in my direction. People ASKING me to audition! That's the dream, right? And my performer's instincts balk at the idea of saying no to any offer that comes my way.

Except that I've been feeling stretched thin for a while, like I'm tossing myself in so many directions that I'm not advancing in any one of them.

Except that the need to do things like eat and pay for rent and health care preclude me from living a life that's completely full of art, so I had to consider sacrificing something.

Except that I had to turn down a gig for Time Crash because of a prior theatre commitment, and it felt TERRIBLE. And when I tried imagining the reverse - turning down a theatre offer because of a music gig - the hypothetical didn't feel quite as bad.

I love the theatrical art I've been doing. I love the opportunities for trans performers that are becoming more and more numerous in the Chicago scene. I'd even love to stay connected to the theatre community through smaller projects with less of a time commitment. But for now, and possibly for the first time ever, I'm making a solid career choice. I'm going to commit to being a musician - as in setting aside scheduled time to work at writing, networking, website maintenance, and content creation for my Patreon. As in treating it like it's my career.

It's about time I gave this sort of thing a shot. What's more, I finally feel like I have the time management skills to execute it without floundering. Which is definitely the thing that was missing these past several years.

Wish me luck, and thank you for your support.