Hey peeps,

We’ve had a great run for the most part. Try as we have to accommodate the growing needs of our readers and patrons, we cannot cope with it any longer. Our priorities have shifted from translation to study, and are now misaligned with those of our readers. As much of a joy as translation has been before, it is no longer as enjoyable. Mulling over it, we’ve realised that at our current capacity we cannot maintain our current release rate anymore.

However, we understand that pledges have already been made for this month. The current rate of release will be maintained until the end of the month, following which, on October 1st, the number of daily chapters will drop from 3 to 2. It will remain at this level regardless of how much of a hit our Patreon takes, that much we promise.

How patrons are affected:

120$: This tier is going to be closed. We will talk to each affected individual and discuss the matter.

Everyone else: Daily chapters drop from 3 to 2, but the number of early access chapters will remain the same.

P.S: Today's chapter is still coming.

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