OKAY! Gather round folks. Not a sure a lot of you know but I have a Patreon program! And I want to do something special for those who signed up! So here is what I am going to do. 

Every month all Patreon tiers at $25 and above will be entered into a drawing after all pledges clear! (Declines, paused won’t count.) I will then draw 1 winner.

What will the winner win? 1 Big Story Sitter! That’s right! The brand new cats with hats and books! How exciting is that? I’ll choose the colors and stuff like that, but that is a $40 value for FREE.

Now I know there is one or two that are pledging via Paypal. Never fear! You will be entered as well! However your item will not be sent out until your pledge is completed if you win. I will be announcing this winner on the Patreon site after all pledges clear!

When does this start? NEXT MONTH!! That’s right! The next Patron cycle starts in 5 days (Nov 1), so you want to get signed up ASAP if you intend on hopping onto this!

How do you sign up? patreon.com/abssolutealchemy Click that link and it will zip you off to there!! I can't wait to see who else joins in!