So, today is November 1st. As of October 31st I had 9 Patrons, yay, super boost in confidence! Then today I went down to 5 due to "fraud." From what I understand, these are people who wanted to see/get the content free (because they are charged the 1st of the month) then canceled their payment info or input incorrect bank account info on purpose before being charged today. 

This is very uncool. Its literally stealing from an artist who is working hard to create content for those who support her, and very unfair to those who ACTUALLY paid for the tier. Thankfully, those of you remaining are awesome and didn't do this to me. However, this means I will be fixing my Patron joining rules with the "charge up front" option, to reduce fraud like this going forward. Those of you who are already Patrons, YOU ARE FINE! However, if you wish to change your tier in the future, you would need to pay the difference immediately. Read about it in here, and I hope you can all understand why I had to do this. 


If any of you have ANYYY questions or concerns, please post here, email me ([email protected]) or contact me via Discord. 

Thank you ALL SO MUCH for your continued support and understanding while I am still figuring out this platform!

[EDIT: Seems this option is still in beta and not available to me.... once it is available, I will be enabling this feature, until then, things will stay the same... Thank you again!]