Announcement - Hiring Status
Hey All!

We've been getting a lot of private messages recently regarding people wanting to join the team in some form, so I'd like to make a public announcement to make things clear.

We're thrilled that we have a fan base willing to put in their own hours to help with the progression of our games/infrastructure, but to be clear, we're not looking to expand our team in the near future. (This also includes people wanting to help with our social media and Discord server)

Having said that, this does not mean that we will never expand our team. If we feel we need to expand the team, we will publicly announce what position is available and take applications. We'll pick the person we think best fits the position and team, then negotiate compensation (typical hiring process).

If you do want to have a say in our games, the best way is to make suggestions for the monthly polls and vote. We're also active on our Discord server and read comments on our Patreon, but I can't guarantee requests made this way will be included in our games.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in joining the team. I'm sorry if the above is not what you wanted to hear, but we do feel it's best for our team and games moving forward.

Thanks for the support!

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