The Hobby Invasion you knew is no more. But there is gonna be something even better in it's place. It's still in the works but here's what we know:
We are joining in a new partnership with a few guys to open a brand new business! We have backers, we have partners and we have investors!
The gaming store that you loved will still be run by Tim and I. That customer service that brought you to our shop and kept you there as a treasured customer will still be the same. But there will be much more diversity. We will have the board games you want, the D & D books you need, the Force of Will cards you want to build with, and of course all the Magic the Gathering you can handle. But now we are going to add in a whole new dimension of gaming you didn't see coming.
Our partners are going to do something interesting. Something no other shop around here does. They are bringing in a 3-D printer! So our store is going to carry 3-D printed miniatures, Deck Boxes, Life counters and pretty much whatever we can print out. Custom pieces you can't get anywhere else!
All of the partners are gonna sit down this week (after the white stuff has gone, I don't do snow!) We are going to decide on a location, and a name. As soon as things are finalized as to the name, location and date of opening we will let you all know! Who's excited now???
Imagine the possibilities! Our play place, with the inventory you want, the friendly staff who knows their stuff and the great customer service you can't get everywhere, and the ability to pick out custom pieces to bling out your decks!!
Also don't forget to check out our patreon page where you can donate some moolah you got laying around for neat and unusual things delivered right to your door! We are also going to be adding in levels for 3-D printed items as well! The link is (that name will change soon as we are done with contract stuff)
Stay tuned for next piece of this adventure, all will be announced when we know!