Announcement: Patreon Restructuring
Hey guys! I have some news! After waffling over it for a while, I’ve decided to change up the Patreon reward tiers a bit. This will make things easier for myself, and hopefully better for everyone else. 

The short version: 

  • I’m dropping the $3 tier, and putting all patrons on the Support page. 
  • Early pages are being moved back up to $5+ patrons only 
  • I'm adding some new stuff added to the $1+ and $5+ tiers


The long version: 

The $3 “Get Your Name on Castoff’s Website” tier is being discontinued. Instead, I’ll be giving this reward to all patrons, minus the special graphics. Now everyone who supports the comic will get a shoutout on the site! And you’ll still be allowed to have a link attached to your name, if you want. :D

Go check out the updated Support page!

(Full disclosure: The special graphics are cool, but they’re a pain in the butt. This is one of those “making things easier for myself” changes, haha)

Early Castoff pages are being bumped back up to $5+ patrons only. When I started this Patreon, early pages were exclusive to $5+ patrons. I decided to experiment with giving early pages to $1 patrons, and even earlier pages to $5 patrons- While this seemed like a good idea originally, having 2 separate tiers for pages caused some problems. Patrons couldn’t discuss the early pages because not everyone was caught up to the same place. The “pay more to see pages earlier” model left a bad taste in my mouth. And keeping up with 2 levels of updates meant I couldn’t schedule pages in advance. So, I made the decision to remove early pages for the $1 tier. This will make things much easier for me, and will lead to a smoother experience overall. 

This won’t be changing immediately- All patrons will still get early pages until chapter 6 is complete. But once chapter 7 starts, early pages will be pushed back to $5+ only. 

WIP screencaps will be posted for every comic page. To further incentivize the $5+ tier, $5 patrons will continue to get pages 2 updates/1 week in advance, AND I’ll be uploading the thumbnail, sketch, and lineart versions of every page alongside each comic update. A lot of people showed interest in seeing how pages come together, and now you’ll be able to! 

More stuff for $1 patrons. To balance out the removal of early pages, I’ll be adding more bonus content for folks at the $1 tier. My goal is to have at least 1 new piece of bonus content every month! This will include more worldbuilding snippets, timelapse videos for pages, sneak peeks at the scripts for future chapters, etc. I also do lots of fanart and extra art for social media- and I’ll be making some of those into wallpaper packs for patrons! Mixing it up a little~

(Plus, like I mentioned earlier, $1 patrons get to be on the website's Support page now! Yaaay)

Goals + More coming soon! I’ve redone the goals to correspond to what people have expressed interest in- when we hit $300 a month I’ll be posting a new Castoff bonus comic, and at $500 a month I’ll start making tutorials! (I might also add another bonus comic for $400- stay tuned!) Other ideas I have are regular updates for my “Life in Japan” comics, monthly fanart requests and livestreams, downloadable monthly sketchbooks with .PSD files of art and pages, and all kinds of other stuff! I’ll be posting a poll soon so you guys can vote on what you’d like to see next~

Hey Star, why are you changing stuff? This paragraph’s gonna get a little personal! For those who don’t know, I’m currently living and working as a teacher in Japan. I’ll be here for one more year, and moving back to the US next summer. When I get back, my goal is to do art full-time! This is kind of a risky move, and to be honest, I’m really nervous about it. So I’m going to be spending the next year seriously improving my art, my online presence, my promotion skills, and my Patreon, in hopes of making the switch to full freelance easier (on my soul and my wallet, haha). I have a soft goal of hitting $1000 a month here before I move home- I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’m shooting for the moon here, dangit!! Plus, the more I make on Patreon, the more time I can dedicate to the comic- my dream is to make enough to post 3 pages a week *0*  And you guys who are helping me get there- I love and appreciate every one of you so freaking much. Your support means more to me than I can express with words, and I want to make your support worthwhile! 

So, in summary! 

  • The $3 tier is being removed
  • All patrons will now get a shout-out on the website (and a link, if you want one)
  • Early pages are being moved back to $5+ patrons only
  • I'm adding comic WIPs to the $5+ tier
  • $1 patrons get more bonus content and wallpaper packs every month
  • $1 patrons will continue to get early pages until ch6 is finished- but once ch7 starts, they’ll be rolled back to $5+ patrons. 
  • I love y’all thank you for your support!!! 

That’s all for now! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment! Thanks!


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