Announcement: April 21, 2017.
So with last week's post being the final chapter to Keino, the Boy with No Past, tonight's post will consist of the official artwork of Keino, created by my graphic designer, Man Tsun . The post will also include sketch-work of Keino done by a new artist I have hired: ReJean . I hired ReJean because I needed someone who can do sketch-work of my characters using Man Tsun's original concepts; I felt it would be really great to have more artworks of my characters, so thank you so much, ReJean!

With that being said, next week will see the release of the first chapter to the next KRZ Origins Story: Prince, the Son of the Supreme Ruler.

Regarding the custom-stickers and custom button-pins I had mentioned last week, they will be arriving very soon, and I will be posting images of them once they arrive. When I reach my goal of $60, all current Patrons will be rewarded with a whole Reward Package: 

  • One free character-print.
  • One free sticker.
  • One free button-pin.

Afterwards, the Rewards Section will be edited accordingly, with more prizes being offered to the individual tears. So please, everyone! Please help spread the word and share my Patreon page with all your friends and families; I am very, very close to reaching my first goal! 

Thank you to all of you once again for supporting me and my dreams <3

- Kevin Valentine