Announcement : YAOI EXPO 2019

Hey, buddies! We're happy to announce that BLits Team has been invited once again to attend Yaoi Expo 2019 this Febuary 9, 2019 at the Bayanihan Center, Pioneer St, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

If you missed your chance last year to meet our awesome crew, this is your chance!  This will be the first official debut of Camp Buddy at a convention! It is a one-day event featuring hard copies of the game, art prints, buttons, keychains, patches, as well as Mikkoukun and Zael Patreon Rewards!

Our booth will be located at booth "S3" in the Center of the Main Hall. You can view it on the map below:

BLits members will also be Paneling on stage to explain what Camp Buddy is all about. There will also be a Demo Play and Q&A session!     

Details of the convention can be found here:       
NOTE: If you are a Patron who has donated an amount of 200$+ within the span of the October 2016 - May 2017, you are automatically eligible for a physical copy of the game(The Gold, Platinum, Diamond Badge) , You are welcome to come by our booth and get your own for free! Just provide your Patreon User ID and email address that you used for Patreon!   You can also claim your signed poster and acrylic keychains! (Artbook and other merchandise are not available yet)    

See you there!

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