Announcement: Booru!
So, I've mentioned a few times about how people are allowed to modify the portraits to suit their own characters/needs and said I'd be doing some of my own. What I didn't really have was a place to share them with you without feeling like I was spamming and allow people to share their own, so I finally went ahead and created a booru now that I'm starting to have a good number of portraits available.

Portrait Booru (Pobooru) is for not just the portraits I've created, but any variations I do or any you'd like to add (color, edits; etc).  You don't need to create an account unless you want to upload something. (And the only reason I have it set that way is to put some friction between someone spamming the booru with inappropriate things.)

You can find all variations under the "variation" tag. I mostly did variations on my newer portraits since it's easier to manipulate the linework (since the inks are vectors and I can literally just drag a line where I want it if I want - which is how I turned that "Hakama girl" into a "Hakama boy"). This leaves me free to play around more with patterns too!

I've done my best to tag things logically, but if you have suggestions for tags you'd like to see, feel free to add them or let me know here! Unfortunately, since it's a free version of the image board, it doesn't have any of the nice features that the established boards have (like image pools).

One of the features it does have is a specialized counter! I've spent some time sketching up 10 new portraits for the counter and will be inking them slowly to mix things up every once in awhile. If any of them strike your fancy in particular, let me know and I'll ink them sooner.


I'm getting closer to having at least one male and female portrait available for each Ryuutama class! I have the file for the male Navigator open right now, and he's the last one to sketch. Then I have to ink both Navigators, Pilots, Artisans, the female Hunter, and a male "extra". Everyone else is already inked and ready to be shared. I also have sketches for four children and two nekogoblins ready to go. Once those are all inked, I'll start on the Ryuujin.

Even once all of these are done, I won't be abandoning the project (though I'll probably add to it less frequently). My intentions are to add more portraits to the collection that can be used as NPCs or alternates to what's already available. On the bonus portraits, I'll be focusing on more older looking characters and characters of different builds.

See you at the start of next month with a male Ryuutama portrait!