An announcement
Hello everyone, I feel like I'm always apologizing for the lack of activities and I have to say sorry for that as well.

I will be using last 2 months of this year to focus on distributing the owed patreon rewards out to the current patrons. Afterward, I am considering to terminate my patreon page. There's no serious reasoning behind it, I just feel that my patreon is very heavily based on adoptables-and this wasn't a problem when I was making them constantly. But as of lately I haven't been making them and plus the recent incident with art theft made me a bit more cautious. I don't think I'd stop making adoptables overall but I just can't make them as often as I did before.

For the gold/silver/bronze tickets for tiers, near the end of my patreonship I will think of something that can compensate for those (like trade in for custom/outfit design/arts/discounts on commissions). 

From this point on I will not expect you to pay your patreon fees toward me, and feel free to unsupport or move to the lower tiers. After unsupporting if you worry that I may forget about your patreon reward, please shoot me a message with the tier you were in and the ref to the character(s). Patrons who pledge to me after this announcement will not be eligible for the art rewards-but they will still benefit from the tier rewards (such as preview to adopts, early claims etc etc).

Thank you those who've supported me all the way through-and I'm sorry if I let anyone down. I'll do my best for the next 2 months to finish what I owe!