Announcement About $5 Reward Tier Changes!
Hi guys! This is an announcement about some upcoming changes in the reward tiers. If you're in a hurry, read this part and skip the rest: after April 30, the $5 reward tier will no longer include buttons. Everyone who is in the $5+ tiers prior to April 30th will receive their buttons as promised. But after that, there will be new rewards to replace them! Here's the longer version: shipping costs and and labor to create so many buttons has made them unrealistic for me to keep doing at that tier. I didn't expect so many backers when I made that reward, so thank you for giving me a good problem to have. Instead, beginning May 1st the $5 Strong Frog reward tier will include the following: 1. A link to a ZIP file of every single Problem Glyph in its native resolution, updated periodically as new glyphs are made. 2. Access to my secret WIP blog. 3. Access to a private Dropbox where I share unflattened PSD files, high-res scans, and other raw or finished materials to do with as you please: home printing, remixing, or tutorials would all be possible from these files. 4. The ability to make simple drawing requests, which I will fulfill and post when I have breaks! The requests aren't guaranteed in any particular order or at any particular speed, since glyphs and other work are taking up all my time these days (and I love it!), but I'll just pick one now and then, draw it out, and post it here. 5. Access to the vector versions of the glyphs, in .SVG format (this is a new feature and unfortunately will only be available for newer glyphs) There's still time to get glyph buttons for a $5 pledge! The tiers will remain the same until the end of April. Thank you again for the support on my Patreon; I am overwhelmed by all of your help and interest in my project.