Announcement Time
I'm running a little behind because my website suddenly went down on Friday and then Saturday was smoke alarm inspection day (husband forgot to inform me of this). So I lost two days when I was already a little behind (and then I stabbed myself with the ink nib, haha... it was a bad couple of days). I'm going to have the next set of pages inked today, hopefully toned tomorrow? They are some of the more complex pages because there is a battle and I was so out of practice it kinda threw my groove off...

2016 FaLLEN Calendar Artwork

Now that I'm starting to sketch out the 2017 calendar artwork, and since the Kickstarter is over, I am giving the opportunity to people in the $15 Tiers and Up  a chance to download the hi-res artwork used for the calendar from the first Kickstarter. These are no longer available to purchase as a physical calendar and the artwork online in my galleries has been cropped and does not include the cute chibi art I did for the back of the calendar.  Most of these actually make for pretty good wallpapers.

If you want to switch tiers just for the art, keep in mind that I have switched the payment options so it's payment up front! 

Those are going up sometime this week or next week as well as some wallpapers from the last Kickstarter. Wallpapers will be for everyone, but there will only be one size available per design.

All right, back to finishing these surveys for the last few tiers on Kickstarter before I go back to working on these comic pages!