Announcement - Pausing Patreon, And A New Focus

Hello friends!

It’s been a long time since I’ve given you an update, and with some reason. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Seelie Squire project. I have been considering why it started, where it has gotten so far, and where it is heading. In our journey to adapt and grow:

I have decided to take down the Seelie Squire page on Patreon (for now).

Okay, hold on, let me explain!

The Seelie Squire project is far from over. This just represents a shift in focus. For quite some time, the focus of the project has been on releasing regular posts, building a community base, and gaining visibility. With your help, we have done these things handily.

When I started, I created the Patreon page as a means of offsetting the costs associated with creating. Because of you lovely humans, I’ve been able to reduce the expenses of monster art, get a hold of design and publishing software, and pay for handy management tools like our Discord discussion bot. While the project as a whole has cost more than it’s generated, the point was funding rather than profit.

Though Patreon support has been a tremendous help, I have realized that it comes with some unfortunate drawbacks. When money is involved in something creative like this, there is a pressure to produce regular content rather than useful resources. This pressure is not due to you amazing folks, you’ve been super patient! Rather, it is an inherent part of trying to uphold a schedule worth paying for.

So what’s next?

The focus is shifting away from regular releases, branding, and gaining patrons. The focus is instead shifting toward community building, releasing useful advice as inspiration strikes, and experimentation with new formats. By taking away payments and the expectations that go with them, it will allow me to try new things and take my time, all while maintaining peace of mind that I’m not wasting your money.

Here are a couple changes you may notice:

  • Patreon will be transitioning away from being the main storage place for monsters, advice, etc. I’d like to make it easier to find things that have been released since Reddit, Patreon, and Discord are not the best places for archival. A new home for finding posts is already in the works, and trust me, it’s quite exciting! More on this to come.
  • Our communities on Reddit and Discord are going to get more love. With Discord in particular, I’d like to set up a cleaner channel structure with more automation and tools to make you folks successful. Not to mention, more emojis. Who doesn’t want more emojis?
  • Regular weekly posts are going to slow down. Modules and toolkits may come at some point, but this will not be the focus. Content will be released when I have the inspiration and time to make resources that are needed and helpful.
  • I am going to experiment with what kinds of things I make. I will try new things, some of which may stick, and others of which will fall flat. This is the fun of experimenting (on that note, if you see something you like, please tell me)!

For the time being, I’m going to leave the Patreon page up for you to peruse. Since the page is set to ‘pay per creation’ no one will be charged. Once posts officially have a new home, I will ‘unpublish’ the page. In time, a Patreon support model might make more sense for us. But right now your appreciation is all the pay I need!

I am super humbled by the support, love, and respect you have all given me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, as always. See you in the Discord community!

Seelie Squire

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