Announcement: Luchando Con Luciano Newsletter
Hello friends! This is a public post, and serves just as an announcement of sorts. 

I am working on my very first teaser of my upcoming newsletter. It's currently titled "Luchando Con Luciano" which means "Fighting with Luciano" and the subject matter is going to be global conflicts. I'll be compiling articles, analyzing trends in conflict journalism, and providing original commentary on various conflicts throughout the country. It's going to be one of the big things I do for my Patrons that is uploaded no where else. There'll be a handful of other things that are done exclusively on Patreon but they definitely won't be particularly common whereas once the newsletter format is ready to go I'd like to publish issues of it twice a month. I think the first full newsletter will be published in either late October or mid November. 

The teaser will be public, but it's only going to be a fraction of the length of the full newsletter which will be available to any Patrons, not just ones who pledge more than one dollar. 

I hope that you all are as excited as I am. 

Until next time,

Luciano Gonzalez

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