Announcement: We're going on hiatus!

Listeners & Patrons, 

It’s nearly October! Typically, at the beginning of a new month, we write a Behind the Scenes letter to our patrons about what’s coming up on the podcast this month and what Patreon-only perks we’re producing. However, things are going to be a little different for a few months. 

You see, we’re going on hiatus.

We will be on hiatus beginning October 1, and we will return from hiatus when Shadowhunters 3B airs in spring 2019. 

What does this mean if you’re a listener? 

Well, not much, other than you won’t have any new episodes to listen to while we’re on hiatus. We hope that you’ll listen to our archive, though. This would a be a great time to catch up on read-along episodes or rewatch seasons one and two with a podcast chaser. 

Our social media accounts will remain active, so you can chat with us on Twitter (@theparabataipod) or Tumblr ( 

What does this mean if you’re a patron or want to become a patron?

If you want to become a patron, do so now! Because starting October 1, you will not be able to join our community until we return from hiatus. 

We will be pausing our Patreon community while we are on hiatus -- obviously y’all should not be charged for content we are not producing! -- and that means new patrons cannot join our community during this time, either. 

But current patrons will still have access to the entire community archive while we are on hiatus, which means they have a lot more content to peruse and enjoy until we return. So really, becoming a patron now is a good idea! 

And we’ll be back in Spring 2019!

No, seriously, we will absolutely be back for the premiere of Shadowhunters 3B + the two-part series finale. From there, we’ll be diving into covering the rest of the books full-time and this will become an extremely bookish place. We have plans for our return, and the extra months off will give us time to properly prepare for a new year of podcasting. 

We’re still here for a few more days, though, and there is a lot of content coming at you next week: 

  • Our final Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy read-along episode airs on Monday, September 24
  • The accompanying Spoilers and Speculation episode for patrons will be available on Wednesday, September 26
  • The last First Impressions episode of Ghosts of the Shadow Market for patrons will be available on Friday, September 28

Then, we’ll see you in the springtime! 


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