HELLO! MY AMAZING PATRONS ♥♥♥ I finally have some time, so I'm making a post!

First of all, thank you SOOOOOOOO much for helping me reach my $350 and $400 goal! Truly amazing............ I feel like I'm on top of the world TT___TT))) that being said, I wanted to update you all of some changes! 

December changes

  • For my $350 goal, I'll start posting the phone/computer wallpapers for $1
  • For my $400 goal, I'll start posting my Landon POV mini-comic thumbnails for $3, since it's a peek at a "future project." My goal is to post at least once a week. However since I don't have the "I want this to be a satisfying weekly update for the public" anxiety, I doubt they'll take me as long as regular TINF thumbnails so I actually hope to upload more!

Landon POV mini-comic

I actually have no idea how many pages it'll be. o_o;; The format, though, will be a bunch of shorts put together. The comic will begin a little before Julian moves in next door to Landon and will end a little after Landon begins helping Julian and Isaiah find Sydney Morgan. So, it'll be a "flashback" type story!

The shorts will include: events that shaped Landon's way of thinking, shows what he does in his spare time (LOL), his relationship with his grandpa, and gives further insight on why he likes Julian so much.

I'm super excited about it and I LOVE baby Landon (LOLOL) so I can't wait to share! I'll probably be uploading sketches of designs and stuff soon. :D

Commission information

  • I realized I should've been informing you all when I upload commissions to tumblr!
  • Link to the entirety of October's commissions, in case anyone is interested in joining the tier: HERE 💖
  • ADDED INFO: a few patrons have asked if they could forego the month's commission so they could have 2 characters together in the next month. My answer is yes, you can do this.
  • (The reason why I won't have a $20 tier with 2 characters each month is simply because that's a lot of work for me. I'm sorry!)

I think that's all my info for now. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions. Thank you so much!!!  ♥♥♥

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