announcemnet: new structure to the patreon

hello all!

i have an announcement!

after the live q&a on saturday, i felt energized to try to restructure my patreon in a way that would provide consistency... including a consistent chat/hang out.

the past couple years running this patreon has been a total experiment, with lots and lots of trial and error. i've been so grateful for everyone's patience and flexibility as i've tried to find an equilibrium... but i have never felt quite satisfied with the structure, or lack thereof. 

so, i've taken it upon myself to stop shooting in the dark, and create a structure that we can all count on.

i'm going to start a set cycle of contributions for you all. since i like to make things extra complicated and symbolic, i am throwing the gregorian calendar out the window and following instead our beloved moon. in buddhism, monks celebrate the moon phases with "uposatha" which is a ceremonial observance to cleanse the mind. i would like for this to be our own uposatha. our own ceremony.

here is our new calendar:

NEW MOON: i will post my writing.

FIRST QUARTER:  i will post a song or piece of music.

FULL MOON: i'm going to make a mix.

LAST QUARTER: we will have a chat, either youtube live, discord voice chat, or wherever else we can find to meet.


i hope this will make my patreon more consistent and easier to engage with for you all. i know it will certainly help me. 

i am excited to do something that will allow us to deepen our connection to a different calendar and tempo. 

since i'm ready to get started, i will hop into this current cycle and release a song for you all tomorrow on the first quarter moon.


also -- i am working diligently behind the scenes to add some new things to the patreon store. keep an eye out for that announcement soon :>

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