Announcing the Crafty Ass Female Book Club!
Let's get the Crafty Ass Book Club party started!! We've hit our first collective goal and now we've created the Crafty Ass Female Book Club, exclusive to our amazing Patreon backers. Our first book is: Am I There Yet? The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood by Mari Andrew. You can purchase the book anywhere books are sold, or borrow it from your local library. 

We will produce a Patreon exclusive podcast to go along with the book. That episode will be available here on Patreon on 6/15. Everyone at the $5 and up level will have access to the audio file, and everyone at the $10 level and up will have access to the audio and video files. 

In addition, we will be choosing (at random) one of our Patrons to come on to the episode and chat about the book with us! 

We have a new Book Club specific Discord chat room for all of our Patrons to chat about the book before, during and after the episode airs. So as soon as you're ready to start talking, head over to our Discord channel and get chatting! 

We are SO EXCITED and SO GRATEFUL for our amazing supporters. Thank you so much for helping us to make this first goal a possibility and allowing us to make this awesome book club a reality.