Announcing: Terror at Thistletown

All right! Our first Patreon adventure, Terror at Thistletown, is complete and ready (Patron's see the separate posting for your copy of the adventure)!

Our fearless adventurers find themselves in the charming halfling village of Thistletown, nestled deep within the forests of Candleshire Fiefdom. 
An old friend, Tarsi Vyr, has called for help to figure out what happened to her father. He disappeared several months ago, and Tarsi has been retracing his footsteps trying to solve the mystery. After weeks of searching, the trail ended in Thistletown.
Dominii Vyr was last seen at the local inn, getting ready to set out for Candleshire, but he never made it. Rumors of orcs, dire wolves, and worse abound. Will the players solve the mystery, or will they become just another set of victims?

Terror at Thistletown is designed as a campaign neutral adventure for 4th through 6th level characters. 

Thank you all for supporting us as we create high quality, quirky, short adventures for D&D 5E.

I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think. Happy adventuring!


P.S. We're already hard at work on our next adventure in the Patreon series, and we've got a new Kickstarter project coming soon as well.

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