Announcing: Malukah's Office Hours
Hehe! Guuuys! Since Patreon finally has a private livestream function, I'm hoping we can use it to hold office hours that only you guys will have access to!

I explain it in the video, but the tl;dr is I will post a link whenever I'm going live and you can watch and chat via the private link! The vids will remain online, so you'll be able to watch later if you're not able to make it. 

I'm hoping to use these 2 hour block sessions to record music. Whether the Patreon songs of the month, the new originals I'm working on, covers, etc. We'll see how things go and figure it out together.

Thank you for being here! <3 <3 <3


PS: On Friday, I did a test stream. If you missed it, no worries. It was just a test. I deleted that vid because I had streamed from the Malufenix channel, and in the future I hope to use the Malukah Without Reverb one just to leave the main  music one out of any experimentations. haha!