ANNOUNCING: New Patron Benefits & a Special Offer!

Happy December! I have some great news that I'm really excited about. I've done a revamp of some of my Patreon reward tiers, which includes a Special Offer & exciting benefits!

First, I've eliminated the tiers that nobody was taking. But I've made some changes to the $25 tiers. You now have two options: Sailmaster (a print book and writing classes,) or Chief Engineer (all my music and Pagan classes.) Otherwise, the rewards for those two tiers are identical.

Second, I've changed the $50 tier (First Mate) to give you EVERY PRINT BOOK I publish, as long as you maintain the tier! Basically, this is a book subscription option. I'll just send you everything I do, in print, as soon as it comes out.

And now I'll be stepping up my publishing schedule to include a new fiction series, the long-awaited Toy Soldier Saga! In addition, I am teaming up with my husband to convert the TSS and the Wyrd West Chronicles to tabletop RPG books adapted for your favourite 3rd party game systems! The TSS main book is in draft as we speak. And yes; your subscription at $50 a month will include all our RPG books as well!

That makes me excited enough! But now the best of all: I recently joined WorldAnvil, a worldbuilding utility for writers and gamemasters. And where has this been all my life?! You can reveal the details of the vast worlds you create, keep track of characters, languages, changes in the laws of physics and how they work, history, timelines...the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I can have as many followers as I want (and really, I encourage you to follow! It's awesome!) But I only get 10 subscribers. What is a subscriber at WA, you ask? It means you get access to secret and hidden articles--the real inside scoop on what's going on in my worlds.

So here's what I'm going to do. Right now, as a Special Offer, if you sign up at the $5 Patron level (Able Seaman) or higher, you can get subscriptions to my WA sites! At $10 or more (Boatswain or higher,) that subscription will also include access to ALL THE FICTION written for each of those worlds! It will be serialized to the site before it's published anywhere else, including anything that's out of print or NSFW. This offer is available to all existing, all upgrading, and all new Patrons who qualify.

To claim one, sign up for the eligible tier you want, sign up for a free WorldAnvil account, and follow one or both of the worlds I've created:

Toy Soldier Saga 

Wyrd West Chronicles 

Then let me know that you've done so. I'll add you as a subscriber. But ACT NOW! Because there are ONLY a grand total of 10 available subscriptions in all. Get 'em before somebody else does!

Special Offer available from Dec. 3 at 12:45 pm Pacific until January 3rd at 12:45 pm Pacific. Happy holidays everyone! Here's my Yuletide gift to you! And thanks again for all your support. I really couldn't do it without you.

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