Announcing the Victor: Non-Magical Colleges

With 3 votes to the 1 for Drugs, Non-Magical Colleges has clinched the vote.

No owl or giant will be arriving to invite you to these places - it's more likely to be a man with a mule. Particularly when it comes to the farming college:

Angelo Morton Farming College

The college is contentious on two counts. The first is that is very new, having only incorporated in the past eighteen years. The second is that it is dedicated to the study of something generally considered to be the purview of commoners, who have neither the time nor the money to attend any educational establishment after the age of about twelve. This means other institutions will not accept those who graduate from here as being of sufficient academic standing to deserve the title Master or the right to teach at their institutions. They also refuse to lend them academic works that would improve their teaching, nor will they accept research conducted at this college as legitimate. Because of the lack of respect from other institutions, the school has had to recruit local farmers to act as teachers - which has done nothing to improve the school’s reputation. 

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