Announcing: 'One Thousand And One Nights' - An Early Birds Patron Reward Game

Hi there!

I'm really grateful to the people who are already supporting me on Patreon. I'm also (obviously) hoping to entice more people to support me as time goes on, and have been thinking of a few ways to do so.

For that reason, I'd like to announce One Thousand And One Nights - a small game about dreaming that will reward my first twenty patrons by making them immortal.

Not, uh, literally immortal, obviously. But if you're one of my first twenty patrons I'll immortalise you by including your name (or a nickname/a pseudonym/nothing, if you'd prefer), and a dream/nightmare of your choosing in the game.

Once I have your idea for a dream I'll turn it into a short playable nice/weird/horrid/wistful dream that you (or anyone else) can experience in the game.

One Thousand And One Nights will be text-based, CYOA-style, and available to play for free in your browser on PC/mobile/etc, so don't worry if you aren't much of a gamer!

If you're one of my first twenty patrons (don't worry if you're not - I haven't reached twenty yet, so there's still time!), I'll get in touch and ask you if you'd like to get involved, and if so, what kind of dream you'd like to contribute.

Your dream could be a real dream you had, or something you made up, or just a setting/tone/feeling/etc. Whatever you like, and as lovely or as dark as you want (I reserve the right to veto ideas that are racist/transphobic/include Sonic/etc).

So, if you're already a patron pledging $1 or more per month, you don't have to do anything.

If you're not yet a patron, but would like to help me make cool games/be a part of this cool game/have your name recorded and remembered, Ozymandias-like, for all eternity, then please do consider supporting me for as little as $1 a month! It really helps, and I'd really appreciate it.


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