Announcing Our Next Game: The Cursed Pagoda

Mr. Fishy is dead. Panda and Penguin had an adventure. Corgis battled Kittens, and a tour of mushrooms was taken. Now we're excited to share details about our next game, The Cursed Pagoda!

The full title hasn't been set yet, and really everything is still a work-in-progress and may change, but in this new game you'll be exploring a mysterious pagoda full of spirits. The gameplay is based around the classic Solitaire card game Freecell, and as you play through levels you'll unlock items to remind the spirits of their past lives and bring back their lost memories. 

Story is featured heavily in The Cursed Pagoda, probably more than any of our releases yet! JK is at work crafting individual tales for each of the spirits you'll meet, and creating art for over a hundred different items you'll encounter along the way. Meanwhile Liang is flexing her coding muscles to make it the best Freecell style game you've ever seen.

This will also be our first attempt at a PC game, since up until now we've only done mobile apps. We're shooting for the game to be available on both PC and Mac across a number of platforms, like Steam. More details will come along as we progress, and we will be doing more sneak peeks for patrons right here, so if you have the ability and would like to support us (even a dollar is hugely appreciated!) you can get info before everyone else. Details right here. In the meantime we hope you'll look forward to the release of The Cursed Pagoda this Fall! :)

-JK and Liang

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